1. How long is a lesson?
60 minutes

2. How old are the students that you teach?
I teach students from the age of 7 and older.

3. Can you teach complete beginners who hardly know any English at all?
I can teach complete beginners who can’t speak or read English at all. I have created a great way to teach complete beginners how to read. I also use a very good computer program which during the lesson┬ácan translate any language into English.

4. Where are most of your students from?
I have a lot of experience with teaching Asian students, especially Korean students.

5. How many students do you teach in one lesson?
I teach only one student per lesson.

6. How long have you been teaching?
I have been teaching for over 23 years.

7. What is your teaching method?
My lessons are totally customised to suit the abilities and needs of my students.

I use a step by step approach and throughout the course new vocabulary and grammar concepts are introduced. These are then practiced in conversation. Over the years I have developed a very effective method of teaching English which is both fun and interesting.