How to start

What you need to study online
Use Skype for your English lessons,this way we can see and hear each other clearly. Download Skype for free from

netA good internet connection
In our demo class we will test the internet connection and see if it’s working well.

paypalPaypal account
To pay for your English lessons you will need to have a Paypal account. It is easy to set one up and it’s for free, just visit

4 easy steps to having lessons

1. Contact me for a Demo.
Try a 30 minute lesson for free. You can then see how everything works and we can talk about your objectives.

To make an appointment for a free Demo just visit the FREE DEMO page and fill in the form.

2. Buy some lessons.
If after the Demo you would like to buy some lessons then just visit the BUY page.

3. Visit the schedule page.
After your payment has been received (I will e mail you to confirm), please visit the schedule page to check for availability.

4. Please go to the “book a lesson” page to book your lesson.