Terms & Conditions

1. Cancellation policy
You can cancel or reschedule a lesson but it must be done 4 hours in advance. If you cancel your lesson later then the lesson is lost.

2. Lateness policy
It is important to be on time for your lessons. I can wait a maximum of 25 minutes for you, if you are later than that the lesson will be cancelled.

3. Class duration
All classes must start and finish on time.

4. Technical problems
If there are technical problems like for example with the internet, then a lesson will be rescheduled.

5. Payment package
When students book a payment package, all the lessons must be used up within 90 days. If the lessons are not used up within 90 days then they will be lost.

6. Refunds
I do not give refunds.

7. Referral scheme
If a student introduces another person to my lessons then this student will receive a 5% discount on the lesson package that he/she is doing at that moment.

8. Studying in a quiet environment
If you have for example young children and you are studying at home, please ensure that you have a quiet environment in which you can study English.